If you were doping how do you handle the media?

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Jul 15, 2010
horsinabout said:
6. Pretend that you did the TDF in an era when no one doped - Greg Lemond
Lemond never said that. Quite the opposite. It really doesn't take any effort to find articles about Greg talking about doping in his era. I wish people could be banned for just making *** up. Furthermore, why are you listing Lemond in your response list when in the 20 years in was in cycling, nobody has come forward to say anything about him doping. The same can't be said for the other TDF winners from the same era: Hinault, Fignon, Roche, Delgado, and Indurain.
May 3, 2010
I might also try to pretend to be monumentally thick.

It works for Frodo, Dertie Cont and Andy ****. Between the three of them their IQ would be struggling to break into double figures.

'I am just a poor boy from Pinto'

or 'I believe in unicorns and want to hold Frank's hand as we cross the line'

or 'Look at my ****'

Result - media decides that they are too stupid to be asked any difficult questions about doping.