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Teams & Riders In before the (inevitable) big win! The TDT-Unibet cycling team!

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3Enn3_lAJA
(Video in Dutch, English and French subtitles available)

Bas Tietema has launched his team this year.
And from the looks of it, it's a pretty well-run structure.

They signed 12 riders, amongst them former WT-riders such as Tanfield and Inkelaar. Aswell as some interesting prospects (Bomboi, Kopecky).
In an interview with "The Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast" he stated that the team won't stay Continental, the aim is to steadily grow and reach atleast PCT-level in the coming years. (Bas mentioned next year a couple of times in his interview) I'll paraphrase some other interesting things that were said.

-Low-level races have already reached out and invited them to participate (!). Mainly because the team will attempt a new way of profiling itself in social media and that certain races are interested in this exposure. This doesn't mean however that all riders will suddenly become content-creators. Their profession is and will always mainly be cycling.

-The idea behind the team is to have "A cycling team with a YouTube structure behind them". As according to Bas YouTube is the most superior social media and it's heavily undervalued and -used by cyling Teams.

-Dutch cycling pundit Rob Hamerling will be their DS. The former TDF-stage winner makes his debut in managing cycling teams.

-The team will ride on Cannondale this year.

-The goal for the next year will be being competitive in the races. And to bring the current riders with them to PCT-level.
What I found interesting is that he mentioned he'd be paying more than the standard continental level salary, which je said ranges from pay to ride to 500 euros à month, if I heard correctly. So 1000 a month ought to be enough to get some decent results.