Interesting piece on Livestrong

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Mar 13, 2009
DirtyWorks said:
The way I've seen the Liestrong stuff structured in consumer products suggests Nike has a consumer licensing deal similar to the others. (ex. the treadmill machines) I very much doubt the charity knows anything about Nike's yellow and black business, just like they know nothing of the treadmill business. They just get some money in exchange for letting their brand be used.

The way a merchandise deal like this would probably work is Nike gives CH some money up front for wearing the Nike-sourced uniform in competition. Nike's motive for the deal is making a profit by selling CH gear through various retail channels. On paper, it makes sense for CH. Too bad no one asked around before doing the deal.

It would be a really nice bit of reporting if there was a writer who had the energy to pursue an estimate of who gets what in the deal. It's probably a *very* fluid number based on sales volume over time and the profit per unit. Don't worry, Nike is taking most of the profit.
and lots ends up going back into Lance's pocket, with an endorsment of Nike close to 8 figures.

8 figures per annum that was.

and nike advertised their swatches on their clothes and shoes and the yellow wristbands, monies going to Livestrong. Well, it the one dollar per shoe/**** (sorry, shirt) or wristband when the true marketing component is worth more than the one dollar, including the endorsement with Lance, Nike get a good deal dont they?

And so does Lance. Then Livestrong pour their money back into marketing Lance. It becomes a pyramid scheme when you peel it back like the babushka doll
Jan 20, 2013
Benotti69 said:
RL Smith, owner of In-Step Boulder, talks about his experience dealing with the LiveStrong Foundation after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.
Now this is the real evil!

And you can throw in U2's Bono with charity raising venture capitalism where the money goes anywhere but the charity it was intended.

Not forgetting Jimmy S, also started off on two wheels.

Good post Benotti.