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Is Millar really clean now?

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Sep 18, 2010
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pmcg76 said:
Then he slams Floyd, all the while promoting himself as clean and seems to be great friends with Lance again. Also failing to criticise Contador.

He is very inconsistent to say the least.

I don't see the inconsistency.

When did Lance fail a drug test? When was Contador banned for doping?

(He's suspended while under investigation, not banned.)

Millar isn't throwing mud at people if they haven't been found guilty. That, to me, seems like a decent stand to take... and shouldn't preclude him from criticising those that get caught red handed.


PS I'm not being naive about Contador. It's very suspicious, and until I see some proper evidence, I don't believe the meat story.

However, on the other hand, it seems preposterous to suggest that he deliberately took a minute dose of clenbuterol on the rest day as a performance enhancer.

So, if they can't prove a transfusion, it's hard for them to really declare him definitively guilty.
JibberJim said:
No they wouldn't! That aero kit changes who wins for sure - it may be that if everyone was on road bikes and putting the same efforts into the aero advantage within the rules of road bikes the result might be the same. But the results are not the same as if you just move the power produced into the road position.

I'm sure the people who win the medals would still win the medals, but that would be an interesting experiment if anyone could be bothered to try it. And for everyone else, isn't it about producing the best time you can do, and then trying to beat it? The result of that's not going to change. It may change bragging rights slightly, but there's already as much variation between TT positions as there are road positions - how many people use wind tunnels etc now, and how many people can't afford discs or aero frames etc.

Anyway, that's just me, I'm sure as many people wonder why some enjoy riding in a bunch for a few hours and when your finishing position often doesn't correlate with your relative strength.

Everyone else - apols for the OT.


May 6, 2010
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Polyarmour said:
Is Millar clean? I don't know but I hope so. What I do know is that he was clearly the best time trialler in the Comm. Games race. His technique, body position and cadence were faultless. While others were losing time fumbling around for their water bottles he was sipping away on a Racebak. While everyone else had the long tail TT helmuts, he had the new aero stubby helmut designed for the head looking down position, (although I thought at one point he was going to run up the back of a parked car). Coming home into the wind, the others struggled, but Millar judged it to perfection. Durbridge rode a fantastic race too but towards the end his form completely left him. He was all over the bike and pushing too high a gear and Millar eventually caught him. Anyway for me, Millar just looked like the consumate professional in that event and that's why he won.

Agreed, he looked superb, especially the way he held his form on the inward 20k back into the wind. having said that, there was not a lot of competition at his level. the young guys did great. I was a bit disappointed in Jesse Sergent who i thought would do better given he did not do the road race.