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Is Vino doping again or clean?

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Jul 27, 2010
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NashbarShorts said:
Have to disagree. He went balls out attacking CONSECUTIVE days in the Tour, St. 12 and 13. The guy burns matches, and then miraculously the very next day he's got a brand new matchbook???

I look at a guy like Nicholas Roche, who I hope/pray is riding clean. Nicholas tried to respond to Vino's attacks on Stage 12 (and in San Sebastian) but just couldn't quite hold on. Tried but faded. To me that seems more "natural".

As far as Vino not being allowed to DS if he's busted again? C'mon, this is Kazahkstan. They won't name him as the DS. Instead he'll be hired as a team "consultant".

I sincerely doubt Vino's too worried about his future prospects w/i the Borat Cycling Project.

I don't think that it is superhuman to attack 2 days in a row, especially if the second day was only for like 10k. And there were days where he was nowhere on the climbs, possibly resting to help AC on a later stage.
How near is that "near future"? It took 5 years for Holczer to come out with Leipheimer's offscore and it only happened he couldn't get a job in cycling. And even being an exceptional athlete is hardly a guarantee for doing it clean (see Piti) Heck, look at Armstrong, was there a comment from the UCI about his test values?