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Jarlinson Pantano Discussion Thread

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Sep 29, 2013
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That depends of what is his objectives of career. If he don´t think he can be a top 5 or GT winner don´t see why Treck is bad choice...

Orica has good leaders too, and youngers than Contador in Treck, so... Maybe it´s a better place to him.

Orica would be great, yes but just if they do something like sky and try to take a huge team to the Tour, with, Chaves, Yates Brothers ( Pantano) and more 1 or 2 good climbers.

I Believe that next year his a good year to him lead some little races and maybe ( depends of the results) lead the team in a GT where Contador isn´t.

I didn´t follow his career before, i don´t know much about him, i just know that a love the name :), and i liked him in the Tour. Let´s see what he can do next year. The best result he has is this year 4 th in Suisse, so i think he needs more action to see what he can do.

Not everyone can be a leader, some riders have to make a diferent career.