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Jens Voigt

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Sep 29, 2012
DZ's win in 2005, but I had it wrong. I remember him making that action with the skinsuit and thinking it strange / unusual, and remember Liggett commenting on it, but just watched Lance's 2005 ride and the movement was missing, so my mistake.
Sep 29, 2012
le sigh
Ride with Jens – Sunday 19th April, 2015
Available to ONLY 30 people – don’t delay in securing your place – $250.00 per person includes escorted ride and private two course lunch at Meletos Coldstream.
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$55 banquet for 8 or more people:

*Please note a $55 banquet menu applies for bookings of eight guests or more
Wondering if the publicity netts the organisers a discount on that rate though...
Apr 6, 2015
Jens was one extremely tough dude.......hard as nails, tough as old boots. A huge talent. But its possible that he may have stepped up to the plate, just like a whole bunch of others, whenever it was required.
Re: Re:

robertmooreheadlane said:
Watch it from 32 minutes he adjusts his shorts and pulls his short away from his backside
Then watch Lance attack on any of his mountain top finishes and 30 minutes from the summit just before he attacks he does the same thing.
Haha! Yes.

The commentator mentions that he's consistent, but his times are beginning "to drag towards the eighteen second point" and the other guy mentions that they told him to "keep something for the last twenty minutes" :lol:

And then at 33:48 on the video, as the co-commentator was saying "when we started talking about it in May" Jens reaches behind him for several seconds. Because those skin suits really do move around on your body.