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Aug 12, 2009
rata de sentina said:
or had a lot of time on their hands? or no life? or maybe just don't spend a lot of time thinking about what they write? :D
I think the former is a definite.

No life? Tough one to sell. Perhaps it could be considered a privilege that someone who 'has no life' spends what time they have, learning about cycling. I can think of a lot worse sports to dedicate a 'no life' existence to. Like checkers. Darts. Running backwards. Wife carrying. Tractor and lawn mower racing.:p

The later...thing about what they write? I guess that comes down to what medication a person is on, how much they've been drinking and whether they are an insomniac. I reckon there is one person on the forum who would fit that bill. Not naming names of course...but statistically, there is someone who is close. Oh and the sock puppets...they don't think before posting as evidenced by their brains being located in their big toe.

As for land mass size. Order I believe is Russia at almost double the land mass of Canada. China is next but the western part of it is barren. Whole lot of nothing. USA in fourth courtesy of Alaska which adds in an additional 2 million square km on it's own. No, everything isn't bigger in Texas, the puny sized states in Australia are bigger than Texas. Then Brazil which looks deceptive on a map and then Australia. Mainland USA and Australia are actually almost identical in size with only 200K square km difference if memory serves me right. Difference is nobody lives in the middle of Australia and talks about it. It hit 52 degrees Celsius there this summer and the Bureau of Meteorology has to create a new colour shape for the heat maps...use to only go to 50.

Sure the end of the cold war Russia lost land, but even minus Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, Russia today still has so much land it isn't funny. Now a good chunk of that is frozen solid, but there is a lot in the middle above Asia and these former states, that is practically isolated of humans and could house and supply a few odd billion no trouble. I could always argue that land ownership should include the ACTUAL second largest named zone/country which is Antarctica, meaning Australia jumps up the list quite a bit. We'd have more land than Canada given Antarctica is 14 million odd square km, give or take and we own roughly 40% of it, we jump way up the list. So to would Argentina. But I won't get technical on it.

At least we're not talking about sovereign states that have almost no land. Like the Vatican City. Or Monaco. Seeing as we are in a thread about those who live there. How easy would it be to like go off to some remote place like Nova Scotia or the Yukon and hide from dope testers? How easy would it be and how practical would it be? Canada is a big place. I wonder whether the Russians do this? Or the Kazakhs and Chinese? Just send your dodgy athletes away to some remote corner of your country and have them train and dope in isolation. Can't really do that in Australia...they'd fry in the isolated areas because they are all desert.
RobbieCanuck said:
Wit has truth in it; wisecracking is simply calisthenics with words.

-Dorothy Parker
You may have been searching for an assessment of puns.

Having been known to utter them every so often, I am knowingly guilty of forwarding the lowest form of humor.

Wit is one thing. Less of it, another.

Jul 10, 2010
Hugh Januss said:
Well, we could take over everything south of the UP, eh?
Whachyu got against yoopers, eh? You should take that back, or I'll give ya a knuckle samwich, eh.

Heikki Lunta forever!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


You've made me feel bad, so I'm going down to get a pasty, probably a rutabaga pasty, the best kind. And I think I'll have a Stroh's along with, eh?
Dear Wiggo said:
I think this contrast shows what I expect to see in a woman athlete - naivety on my behalf aside:

Guess which one just won a silver medal in Moscow,
the highest ever placing by a Canadian heptathlete
at a World Championship. Hint: it is not the athlete
that the Clinic tried and convicted on these pages
last year.