Johan gets served

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Aug 12, 2009
Hearing both sides of the table's story gives greater perspective. Not everything is clear and cut. Many players with many hands. Bruyneel's interview was a good read. It explains a lot about the Schlecks and how they've flopped.

I do find it interesting that they thought Frank could of won the 2012 Giro. If he had of, well that positive at the Tour would never have surfaced. Very foolish of him.
Oct 9, 2012
I don't get how the interview is a good read when it raises more questions than it answers. Its like interviewing Einstein without discussing (special) relativity. Doping was his lifelong work. I want inside stuff on USPS, dopingschemes, names, numbers, amounts, locations, methods. I think we are inclined to that. I could not give less about Becca, Schlecks or any bull**** about contracts and mergers.

Interesting read, a year a go yes, now not so much..
Jun 25, 2013
Kernel said:
Its sad that CN is favoring pageviews over journalism. There should be no interview with Bruyneel unless any topic is adresable. This is just plain whack omerta bla bla.

Really interesting story on Astana, Shack and Slipsteam. NOT!
Come on guys. This is the guy who has systematicly disrupted te sport for the bad in the past era. One of the founding members of the omerta. And CN lets him do chitchatting whitout being asked the real mattering questions. Plain sad.
It's only alright if Bruyneel gave an undertaking to CN that it is only part 1 of the interview and that part 2, involving his organisation of the 'most sophisticated doping programme in world sport', will come once the legal cases are resolved. But this could be awhile :rolleyes:
Aug 13, 2009

Bruyneel employees fleeing the sinking ship and ending up with old friend Eki at Katusha

The first is Jose Azevedo, Portuguese, which will leave RadioShack (probable that his place in the Trek flagship is taken by Adriano Baffi). The massager is Ryszard "Richie" Kielpinski, polish "all-around assistant" who lived with Lance in Gerona, Spain. The third is Philippe Maertens, who is also now at RadioShack.

Cook, and not just the most interesting character is the fourth, Geert Duffeleer, aka "Chef Duffy". His career in cycling has begun to cook, wandered even in hotels with a hat, then became responsible for accounting and financial manager of the Belgian teams. Duffy has a good part in the book shock of Tyler Hamilton and even Floyd Landis, former teammate of Armstrong doped, a few years ago accused him, saying that the source of information was Bruyneel: Paris-Nice 2004 team bike sold to pay the Blood doping. -