Julian Alaphilippe Discussion Thread

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I think the real reason Koronin dislikes Alaphilippe is that he was called the "new" Valverde.

Bad move, that swerve, though it did not look really dangerous to me, because thankfully Hirschi is a great bike handler and he was not pushed into the barriers.
But that celebrating too early... I will never get that. How can you be so stupid?
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Well, he's repeatedly offered his apologies to Hirschi in the post race interview. Said he was glad to be relegated to 5th position, given the circumstances. Rather that than finish 2nd because of cheering too soon. Said he didn't realize he swerved so much and said the relegation was deserved.
That's good to hear. I think he will learn from this and be a better cyclist as a result in the future.
Well I guess we saw everything that people like and that people dislike about Alaphilippe summarised and on show today.

His fans can cite the explosiveness of the attack, the showmanship that attracts uncommitted public to the sport, the sprint that should have been a wining spring.

His detractors can point to the showing off and arrogance, and the recklessness of his sprint.

Whatever camp you consider yourself to be in, this was concentrated essence of Alaphilippe.
The light went really out at the finish!
I'm dumbstruck that any rider can perform such a sequence of stupid moves in such a short time.
I also normally cheer for him but this was beyond stupid. Watching this, you wonder if you're looking at slapstick or a bike race.

I feel sorry for Hirschi and Pogacar, having to suffer the actions of JA in such a big race.