Jumbo - QuickStep merger

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HLN says that it is confirmed to them that there are talks between Jumbo and QS, but it is far from a done deal. 2024 seems unlikely, 2025 is a bigger possibility. Jumbo isn't in a hurry cause Jumbo will still sponsor in 2024, but if a big opportunity arises now they wouldn't say no. ¨Plugge has other options too, including one big company that could take over from Jumbo. That option would be way easier than a merger.

It would be quite embarrassing for Wielerflits if that happened...
I think Primoz would never leave Jumbo Visma (his current team)…

He‘s like, „I‘m everything I am, because you love(d) me“, to Plugge, Niermann, Zeeman, Vinge, Kuss, and all his guys. Primoz is unique, and JV is „his“ team.

Everyone thought, Pogacar would be the real deal for TdF GC for the next 15 years. Suddenly Vingegaard arrived, and Pogacar’s days of TdF champion were over and gone.

That exactly now could happen to Vinge, next year. If Vingegaard doesn‘t have the watts, Primoz will be there, to win his first Tour.

Remco will be a big questionmark. No idea what‘s left for him. And the epic Tourmalet 27min loss of 2023 Vuelta won’t help him.

You never know what happens: crashes, illness, Covid, and so on. With Vinge-Rog-Remco, a future team would have one guy in any case who could win the Tour.
This is not "his" team anymore.
with 17 WT teams, does this mean Lotto get promoted?

Basically 3 options:
- WT license get sold to highest bidder. They would also take QS's points with them (and basically secure their WT spot after 2025), in the past Wanty bought CCC's license, but they also had to take over some of the contracts that were still in place, like with some riders (Hirt came from there for example) and staff. I'm not sure what the exact percentage is, but I think the teams that takes over a license needs to take atleast 50% of the contracted riders.
- UCI decides who gets it. Lotto would probably get first shot at it (not sure if they would take it given their position and the fact that if Israel takes it they're basically guaranteed to be top 2 for guaranteed WCs anyways)
- UCI doesn't grant it to anyone, it is possible according to rules. That would mean only 17 WT teams and 3 PCT teams getting guaranteed WCs. Least plausible option cause UCI simply misses out on money then.
in any case we are probably forgetting the amount of money Specialized invests and is ready to invest in Remco. and its role in this merger. will Specialized be there? I don' think so. and neither Remco
If that's the case the merger would be in name only because the sponsor and maybe a handful rider would go to Jumbo and Remco + entourage+domestiques to a new home. As already mentioned Ineos (maybe moving oin from Pinarello) and Bora (already specialized and experienced in integrating star enterprises in their roster) are the two options.
It would be quite embarrassing for Wielerflits if that happened...
Embarrassing for Raymond Kerckhoffs, to be precise. The journalist who first came with the Saudi story, and now with this. He is a little trigger happy, when it comes to scoops, because he has become a bit irrelevant.

What seems certain is that this merger is a possible option. What is not quite certain, I think, is that this is the option.
Last WT license will be bought by a mysterious man, who signs Masnada and Landa as his team leaders, with Cattaneo as third-best rider. Wout Van Aert would turn Italian and join as Wout Pozzato. Problem solved!
Please crowdfund me guys. I have €4000 saved mostly for an interrail trip, playful eyes which could charm a sponsor, and no business skills. But maybe we can do something and return integrity to the sport. I would no want this merger even if it means masnada win the giro with roglic, Belge pozzato and vingegard as doms.

That sounds like a cool team as well. We could do a women's team to support silvia persico and develop other riders.
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You're optimistic if you think Masnasa will be among the retained riders. ;)
Of all the contract riders for quickstep and jumbo in 2024, masnada was the best at lombardia 2021, the strongest, the first finisher.

How cruel that he can get a guarantee of employment for 3 years and then maybe lose it all, very suddenly, because of the merger and because he couldn't show his best self.
This story does not make sense to me.

I don't really see the cost/benefit to JV - what exactly is it SQ has that JV need so desperatly, that they are willing to spend untold millions buying the whole organisation?

For instance do they really need Evenepoel when they already have Vingegaard, Roglic and Kuss - and have just signed Jorgenson?

Do they need Merlier when they have Kooij?
Do they need Asgreen when they have Van Aert?
Do they need Alaphilippe when they have Laporte (and Roglic)?

Not to mention having to cut 20 riders that all need their contracts paid out, which is going to be hugely expensive.

The story would make a lot more sense to me if it was Ineos and Alpecin, as they only have 15 and 17 riders signed for 2024.
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Crazy story. Seems too odd to be true but then again there's smoke. I find the non-denial, denials interesting. Why would Visma want Soudal, especially if it isn't with Remco? Doesn't make sense. So who knows but this is such a big story, we'll have to find the truth soon. You can't just ignore this for days at a time.