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Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne 2024, February 25, one-day classic

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It really says a lot about how much things have changed when the forum doesn’t even bother to spend much time talking about how bad Soudal-Quickstep have become in the cobbled classics. It’s just accepted now. But it’s still kind of remarkable when one recalls how they used to make these 1st few weekends of cobbles (this weekend & E3/Gent) their personal playground with mulituple riders getting wins and on podiums, whereas yesterday they only had one rider finish in the top 25.

ed. In fact, only 1rider in the top 25 in both races this weekend, and not even a top ten in Omloop.
Actually it was just the same in 2008. Omloop is the classic Quick Step always failed at every now and then. A bit like a desastrous dress rehearsal before an outstanding performance.

The fact they'll likely stay just as bad for the remaining classics is a big shocker indeed!
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