LaFlorecita reaches 15,000 posts

She's the forum's most beloved/notorious fangirl and for some dumb reason she didn't get a thread at 10,000 posts, so here it is. Congratulations on reaching 15,000 posts!
Cause we all love wasting our time on a forum, supporting men in tight pants on a bike:D


The Alberto Contador Fan family (which is not now so active anymore)
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Aug 2, 2012
bossing it

poor laflo............not only did I forget the 10k achievement but also you are unable to celebrate another win for alberto

never mind ...........have a piece of cake

Mark L
it seems La flor will soon double this total.

And she has also over taken me as the number 1 in total posts for the history of this forum.

From my calculation she would have done so at some point during the Vuelta (perhaps September 8th).

I think I was number 1 in this ranking from some point in 2012 (overtaking ACF of course) , but am happy a more regular poster has now taken the mantle.

All the best fleur.
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