Landis "retires", done with cycle racing

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Love Me Long Time...

kurtinsc said:
Similarly, I have little love for Joe Papp.
As I don't know who you are (but I'm sure you're a nice, normal person), and you most likely have never had a personal conversation with me (or Floyd, Tyler or Lance for that matter), I wonder why you feel compelled to announce to the world that you have little love for me?

Fine that you think I'm a douche for having doped and more, but the fact of the matter is that my decisions then don't have to define me now insomuch as I'm focused on acting in such a way as to channel the energy I spent partaking in and facilitating doping towards fighting it; and educating others as to the risks associated with doping that aren't obvious health-related ones. And I've followed this trajectory (under the radar, w/o trying to promote it via the media or seek the public's adulation or celebration) for more than three years.

My involvement with doping ruined my life. It destroyed everything I'd worked for, worked towards and was planning for the future. At the time it, seemed to support my ambitions, and later seemed (then, at the time) to provide a radical solution to a very complex set of circumstances that were not widely known or are already forgotten. That's not to excuse what I did and how I crossed the line from doping to helping others to dope, but it didn't happen in a vacuum.

I've been lucky to meet some very supportive cyclists and fans of the sport through the Internet of all things, many of whom participate in discussions on these forums. I'm incredibly grateful to those who have agreed to formally support me during my legal motions, and am just as thankful for the people I don't know who send encouraging notes and friendly emails. But I'm not out to trade anti-doping work for public approval or expressions of forgiveness. If that flows naturally from it, great. But the reality is that documents rightfully sealed by the Court allow me no other option than to do everything I can to assist the fight against doping.

I made decisions that on the surface seem dubious, and in some instances went against the law (no matter the desires of those who I "served"). I'm paying a terrific price for my stupidity and have suffered much more than you can imagine.

It is what it is, but if you're going to meander about the 'net and publicly state that you've no love for me (which is your right), please still feel free to actually correspond with me before you slam me, even when the slamming is done in a manner as polite as that which you employed.

Jul 17, 2009
jae2460 said:
Maybe he can start a Master's cycling team with Greg Lemond. They could ride for "Bitter Beer" :D :D :D I'm sure there are a lot of other retired pro riders who could / should join such a team...
maybe you could start by telling us what exactly Lemond has to be bitter about

seriously consider it a challenge
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