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Laporte Discussion Thread - The Greatest?

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Kudos to Laporte! He destroyed some of the world's best climbers like Yates x 2, Vlasov, Quintana, Almeida etc. on a 1 km @ 6% climb. Imagine what he could do on a tougher climb. The only two riders able to follow Laporte yesterday was Roglic and Van Aert and both of them just conceded and gave him an ovation instead of even trying to beat him in the sprint. Impressive stuff!
Before yesterday, I'd have him ahead of those on a climb like Cauberg, and with the positioning and bit of crosswinds just before even more so.
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Imagine if Laporte was on Jumbo Visma for as long as Wout has been. He would have really been the greatest of all time. He would have been gifting stages to Wout like today, but not because it was a home race for Wout in a Belgian champion jersey like McEwen suggested. But because he would have already won so many bigger races by now, he could have care less of another E3 trophy. Nibali would have been a season ticket holder to Laporte's trophy cabinet.