Le Samyn 27.02.13

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Dazed and Confused said:
Sky's team looks pretty solid:
EISEL Bernhard Austria
HAYMAN Mathew Australia
PUCCIO Salvatore Italy
RASCH Gabriel Norway
ROWE Luke United Kingdom
SUTTON Christopher Australia
SWIFT Ben United Kingdom
THOMAS Geraint United Kingdom

I think we need a good match up.
Very strong! Heart over head, I'll go for Ben Swift.

Does anyone know what the weather situation is like?
Dazed and Confused said:
it would appear Stannard replaces Swift.
Thanks D&C, though my head stands no chance now, as Stannard grew up in the same city as me. Could be a good course for the big man, but he hasn't shown much so far. Sky's training schedule etc.....

Stuff it. He's going to win something this season, might as well be now. Will put a small bet on Stannard
Jan 11, 2010
postmanhat said:
Thanks a lot Der Effe. Weather looks fine. 'Morgen' seems to mean morning and tomorrow in Dutch? Can you say 'Morgen morgen'?
It does indeed. No you can't say 'morgen morgen', that's 'morgenochtend'.
Aug 5, 2012
Hugo Koblet said:
Thanks.. I better find a way to watch it then. Is Eurosport Player a solution? How does that work?
You could watch it on there but it costs, I take it you need to watch on a computer? There will be plenty of streams, I'd just watch it on one of them.
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