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Le Tour 2019 stage 15: Limoux - Foix Prat d'Albis 185 km

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Fergoose said:
This could be the best KotM for many a year. Have they increased the prize money for it? Its unusual to see several previously protected riders going for points.
It's interesting becasue nobody really went for the mountain points other than Wellens until yesterday. Nibali for example was always likely to start stage hunting at some point but no way he would have been allowed into a break in the Vosges. Same for Bardet, although this is now surely his plan B. But I agree, becuase Wellens, the guy who is leading the competition isn't a top level climber this could be close until the penultimate stage.
Re: Re:

Pantani_lives said:
Panda Claws said:
Valv.Piti said:
I like this stage and I like the last climb, its a great climb for a MTF since its steepest in the bottom.
Why do you think that makes it great for a MTF?
Genuine question as I am curious.
Because it should inspire riders to attack early on the climb rather than wait for the unsteep final km.
Makes sense thank you.