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Le Tour 2019 stage 15: Limoux - Foix Prat d'Albis 185 km

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Re: Re:

tobydawq said:
Pantani Attacks said:
Quintana doing something positive, am I seeing things?!?!

Sick breakaway group FWIW, come on.

He also did that on the last stage of Paris-Nice this year. And both his Grand Tour wins were founded on a surprise offensive, even if the Giro one was cheating.
His 2013 2nd place was founded on breaking away from the peloton at Pailhères. In 2015 he got a gap at the Croix de Fer, in 2017 he got a gap on Gardena. If you see Quintana on a GT podium, you can be sure he's gone out from a couple of climbs out to try to win the thing.