Le Tour 2019 stage 15: Limoux - Foix Prat d'Albis 185 km

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fauniera said:
Why the hell is Ineos not riding?

Want to get safe to the rest day and regroup?

Still have (at start of day) two in top four. Two in top three if you believe JA won’t stay the distance.

You can just imagine SDB saying ‘Kerrison back engineered his numbers and we just knew he was going to blow’.
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ClassicomanoLuigi said:
Cassirer said:
In German Eurosport leclerq Just mentioned one rider having a PhD in philosophy who also wrote a play which is currently on stage in france. Does anybody know who he was talking about?
Philosophical drama by Guillaume Martin
There is even a video clip of the play
Apparently a masters degree in philosophy, not a doctorate
That's cool that there are any intellectuals at all in the peloton
Jacques Anquetil was kind of that way, a philosopher, although not an academic

Thank you. Yep, Born 1993, would be incredible to have your doctorate while being a professional sportsman that age. Love it nonetheless!
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RattaKuningas said:
Broccolidwarf said:
RattaKuningas said:
Broccolidwarf said:
I'm SO impressed with Viviani!

Is this some kind of a meme or something? Because he is not in the peloton atm.

You were saying? :p

What you mean? It seems that people are confusing him with the other rider from the same team.

He is sitting on Asgreens wheel right now dude - 2nd from the front :)