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Leaders jerseys in stage races - gallery

Yesterday's celebration of TdF 2016 winners in Paris made me thinking about a separate thread dedicated to leaders jerseys in stage races. There are similar threads regarding team kits and national champion jerseys, but I couldn't find the one where the jerseys being worn by the leaders of each specific classification of stage races are discussed.

It may be a good idea to have such a thread, as this is surely interesting for all the jersey-freak cycling fans (me included) to know where the GC leader is wearing yellow, blue or white, in what races the KoM is polka-dot jersey etc. One may expect that the number and variety of different leader jersey designs should lead to similar discussion as in case of team kits/national champ jerseys (classy/ugly, distinctive/not at all, boring/very original etc.)

So let's start with the 2016 races. Generally all your input is welcome, regardless of the class of the race, country where the race is/was held etc.

Me being first: Tour de Pologne 2016 (2.WT).

GC leader jersey:

Points jersey:

KoM jersey:

Intermediate sprints jersey: