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thehog said:
This interests me: "When Landis was asked about the 2007 incident during a lengthy interview with ESPN.com last Wednesday"

We've only seen a small amount of this interview. I guess there is more to come?

at the moment we are sat in the restaurant and we can smell the food, but weve only just been given the menu
Sep 23, 2009
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Colm.Murphy said:
It does seem misplaced. Clearly, the journo's are going to seek him out for comment, and GL has not been the guy to ever turn them away.

GL must feel a sense of vindication at this point. Does not make him less of a grating figure to me, regarding his personality and style. It just means he was right.

Seems the issue of GL's possible doping has been flogged past death. No need to flog that decomposed corpse further.

He is way beyond caring who likes him, in fact, he would prefer those who don't. If he did, then we would never have known of or about him.

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