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Teams & Riders Lennert Van Eetvelt

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You're whining about absolutely nothing. I asked him a few weeks ago when he thought there was a possibility to be fit enough given he's always in form really quickly in the winter, that's it. You're making a thing out of nothing. The team never put a date on his return.
If anyone is whining, it ain't me. All i said was that i didn't understand TDS was even on the table given the circumstances. That's it.
Sporza have a couple of pics and the story at
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Lennert was already back on his bike a few days after the accident. He has been back in Tenerife since Friday and almost his usual self again physically and mentally. His return to competition could possibly already be in 10 days already (he wants to ride the NC TT as a prep for the Vuelta as there aren't a lot of races with an iTT before it), but that's not sure. Also possible he skips the NC's to start in Slowakia or Sibiu (but apparently he planned recons for Vuelta stages during that).

So basically not entirely clear what his schedule is going to be, even later in the year. Vuelta is a guarantee, but his preparation towards it is undecided (also because it's a bit complicated with the - by the Olympic Games - ruined calendar).