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Lesser Known Race Results 2016

Kicking the year off in Australia are the Bay Crits.

Caleb Ewan won the mens race, while teammate Jack Haig worked on the front for quite a few laps.

Gracie Elvin won the womens race with teammate Lizzie Williams coming second.

Sounds like Orica have started the 2016 season well then. The crits carry on over the next three days.

Squire said:
Venezuelan Orluis Aular, who just turned 19 back in November, wins the sprint of the opening stage in the Vuelta al Tachira ahead of Southeast's Matteo Busato. The Giro 2016 winner safely in the pack in 55th.

I scouted this guy for a game I play about 2 years ago, he was a climber back then now he is mainly doing well in sprints :p. Though he can also still turn out to be a good guy for GCs as he is still so young and he didnt do too bad in his first U23 year in the mountains.
So tomorrow marks the beginning of the Tropicale Amissa Bongo, the race where random European domestiques used to be able to rack up some wins. However, with Palini and Hutarovitsj competing the sprints will probabmy be contended between them and the chosen Morrocan sprinter of the day (Mraouni I guess). I am interesetd how Janvier Hadi will do in the ITT as he seems to be one of the strongest African TTers, at least for short ones like this one.

Stage 1 - Kango › Lambarene (146k) Small climb in the last 3 km, but nothing steep.
Stage 2 - Fougamou › Mouila (105k) Flat
Stage 3 - Lambarene › Ndole (130k) Uphill sprint
Stage 4 - Oyem › Ambam (141k) Bumpy stage (lots of small climbs not even worth cat. 4 status)) with an uphill sprint finish
Stage 5 - Meyo Kie › Oyem (118k) Bumpy stage with a small hill at the end
Stage 6 (ITT) - Akanda › Stade de (4k)
Stage 7 - Cap Esterias › Libreville (130k) Bumpy circuit that could hurt the chances of some sprinters
Jun 30, 2014
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Bushman said:
21-year old Venezuelaen Jose Mendoza has won a stage and is currently leading Vuelta al Tachira. Does anyone have som information about him?
He was already 4th at the 2015 Vuelta Ciclista a Venezuela, but Tachira is the bigger race for climbers and usually has harder mountain stages, I don't know anything else about him.
I hope that Southeast will get a few of the interesting Venezuelan riders, Monsalve also rode a decent Vuelta al Tachira until now.
Re: Re:

MatParker117 said:
BalearicBeats said:
Will La Tropicale finally be won by an African rider? Okubamariam seems very consistent, but if he wins he will lose in the very prestigious "most top10s without a win" competition!

Berhane and Chtioui won the last two.

Ookay that was a very stupid thing of me to say, I didn't think about that because they're with more well-known teams :D
The Asian continental championships have ended. The male elite TT and RR were dominated by Cheun King Lok, a rider from Hong Kong who should move countries to China and take over the Chinese guy position in Giant-Alpecin. It impressed me that he managed to beat Arashiro by 7 seconds on a quite bumpy parcours in the RR, while Arashiro is certainly a good rider.

1 Cheung King Lok
2 Choe Hyeong Min 0.07
3 Haghi Alireza 0.10

The level seemed quite low but beating Iranians is always a good sign I guess.

1 Cheung King Lok
2 Arashiro Yukiya 0.07
3 Beppu Fumiyuki 4.38

Arashiro and Cheung were certainly the best here, because they even left guys like Poorseyedi and Mizbani several minutes behind (though that might have been due to the fact that there was testing or something).

I am however only writing this text to present you the new Poorseyedigholakour, a new kid on the block with the coolest name ever, who won the U23 RR:

1 RAJABIKABOODCHESHMEH Mahdi (this is impossible to remember)
2 THANH Huynh st
3 GANJKHANLOU Mohammad 1.12
Jun 30, 2014
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What is wrong with Pelucchi? Only 15th against this kind of sprinters field, last year he was beatig guys like Greipel and Viviani at the start of the season.
Jun 17, 2015
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Mayomaniac said:
What is wrong with Pelucchi? Only 15th against this kind of sprinters field, last year he was beatig guys like Greipel and Viviani at the start of the season.

Might've been positioning. I'm not sure I didn't watch it but he was behind a couple of lead out men (Petit) so that could be why.

Ofc shape will affect it.