Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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We were just leisurely travelling on some side roads through Italian countryside today, when I noticed a cycling team car parked by the road. Then a car with some flags and race logos drove by. I started to suspect there might be a race going on somewhere there. And immediately in the next village things started to be more serious with more race cars and motos passing and marshalls standing by the roads. So we parked the car and curiously peeked up the road what would come. I expected some local Italian amateur race. How surprised I was when the break rode by and I saw jerseys of Tirol, IAM, and even AG2R teams! (although that turned out to be just their feeder team Chambery CF)

I quickly checked PCS to find out that we were most lucky to cross roads with stage 2 of Giro della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (2.2). What a coincidence! I must say I was quite happy about that.

For the record, the break made it to the finish and Tirol rider Patrick Gamper won. Chambery CF had Clément Champoussin in the break and because they were in the lead after stage 1 which was a TTT, they did not need to chase down the attackers. Never expected to see this particular race, but - it just happened :)
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I know the Hafjell TT is just a tiny little race, but hihi! :D

(Maybe Foss was the only Norwegian in the race...)

Actually, on closer inspection the really cool part about this is not the number of Danes, but how young everyone in the top-10 is.

(Part from Quaade.)
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