Lesser known races thread 2022

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Cofidis have one rider in the break and two in the chase group, really good ride on their part so far.

They should work in the chasegroup tho. With Zingle and Allegaert they have 2 riders who can win. Don't think Wallaeys has a shot in front.

I don't know if they're going to close down that 2 minute gap tho. The hills are done. Pretty sure the break just hold back a bit on the hills to keep the 10 guys together.
Trying and being smart about it are two separat things. First letting this breakaway go so far away was bad. Then pushing the split with the Ineos guys was not smart in my opinion as they still had the numbers behind and other teams that are able to help. Then after they got catched they attacked with the other riders instad of going to the front as they are right now. The easily gave the breakaway 30 secs more leash with those actions.

But granted BEX is even worse. They have Matthews in the race but they are not helping out at the moment.

I think right now it's 50/50 if the breakaway makes it. The gap is going down but I think some of the guys in the break have something left and the peleton could run out of helpers in the last 5k.
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Attacking on the Muur when you don't have a sprinter is literally the only thing you can do in this race.
Absolutely no idea what they're doing now tho, just closing it down when they have no chance to win a sprint. They'll just give free points to Israel and BEX.
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