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Lesser known races thread 2022

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However, in other countries they are racing.

Around 60 Ks to go in Luxembourg. Gall, Armée, Rolland, and Nicolau have 2:14 to the Trek-lead peloton.

Around 160 Ks to go in Belgium. Pedersen, Terpstra, Larsen and Weulink have around 30 seconds.

Looks like they would have needed pedal boats for the finale in Italy...

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Madouas wins, Skjelmose GC.


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Could've been a fantastic stage win for Felix Gall who would have had 30 seconds on the peloton with 1.5 kilometres to go.

Beyond stupid by Tronchon who cost his teammate at least 15 seconds and a well deserved win.

One certainly can't acusse Leclercq of favoring French riders though. He was very critical on German Eurosport about AG2R's tactics.
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Break has 7m and 20s with 120 kms to go in the Primus Classic - The weather is ordinary and this break may not be brought back.
Too many hills coming up, where minutes will be flying.
Curious how the Moskesstraat and Bekestraat cobbles are with all the rain the past days. Good thing the sun is shining now.

They're riding on my hills training course, always lovely to see this and know every street.
With 15km to go they pass here and got a lot of family who live close to the finish.