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Lesser Known Road Racing for Women Thread

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What the hell did I watch? :tearsofjoy:
Wiebes just a level above. Strong team to put her in perfect position.
Letizia with a well timed strong leadout today. Podium place in GC. She’ll be happy.

strong team helped, it makes it sound boringly predictable as a finish, but upto 1km to go the other teams had blocked the SD Worx train & run in quite effectively, we didnt see how it happened as they kept switching to low signal blurry helicam, but somehow Marjerus pulled their train to the front at the critical point,that allowed her to take the final sweeping corner at the speed & line she wanted which launched Kopecky and Wiebes up the road, the rest it seemed all had to check their speed or lines, and as a result couldnt then out sprint the sprint lead out. Only Kool, led by Barbieri & Baker who was led out by Paternoster were within touching distance.
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Wiebes just a level above. Strong team to put her in perfect position.
Letizia with a well timed strong leadout today. Podium place in GC. She’ll be happy.

It was the right call today for Jayco to ride for Baker. The fact is Wiebes, Kool and Balsamo are on one level and there another 6 or 7 riders on the next level. Though, I still maintain that Baker and Paternoster should split their races.
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Ellen van Dijk had a training crash this week, fractured a bone in her ankle which will require surgery, recovery is expected to take 2 weeks, but her focus is on making the Olympics

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Just found out there’s a 4th stage in Britain tomorrow. Another sprint?
Yea, it's basically emblematic of everything that's wrong with race organisation in the UK. Sell the stage as hard because of some tough ascents, but make sure that there's no chance of them ever being decisive, and give the council paying for the finish the chance to bang some boards and watch a horse race on bikes where nobody knows who is who and they can just yell while the horde comes past. Knowing the history of the race, probably with a dangerous final kilometre, too.

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I think we get the point concerning British racing, it's becoming like a stuck record.
Funding has been an issue historically , and was always going to be an big issue this year. Dependant on cash poor local authorities and my 'British Cycling' membership subscription.
Lloyds bank (my money again) were not on board at the time.
I'm amazed the race this year even happened. Lots of other races in more cycling centric countries totally disappear for money reasons to never appear.
The riders like the race, the many fans on the roadside enjoy themselves, and ITV create a focused enjoyable highlights programme .