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Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2014, most boring monument in the last 10 years?

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Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2014, most boring monument in the last 10 years?

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A power outage prevented me from watching it live, but as soon as I learned that Gerro had won it - I knew something was wrong. Then I watched the last 20k on youtube & literally wasted my time:mad: I just cannot comprehend how the race got so wrong - I mean - 15 plus riders at the foot of Saint Nicolas looking for an sprint gamble? If it wasn't for Pozzo & Caruso, I bet the entire group could have arrive all together with 50 meters to the finish line:mad:

I'd say this is the worst edition ever of LBL- and perhaps top five among the rest of the classics ever featured
I voted no. Although I have no right to vote as I do not watch cycling so carefully more than 3 years. For me last year RVV was as boring as this one with 10 seconds of excitement.

It is hard to please the cycling fan. On one side we want clean cyclists on the other we want superheroes able to attack several times in the row preferably 30 km before the end. :D

Peloton is getting stronger and superheroes weaker. I do believe it is a proof of much cleaner racing. Those boys are training the similar way and similar amount of time. The difference just cannot be that huge. (Spartakus is not Highlander and he is getting older as well )

Changing of routes will not change the way of racing too much. Early attacks of favorites are suicidal so they have to wait for last hill, last hard section, final sprint. Only ones who have an edge here can win the race now.

It looks like only option here is much smaller teams, smaller pelotons, financial premiums and even UCI points given in various part of race. They have to make the races inside the race. Easy to say f..g difficult to do.
Afrank said:
2. KITTEL Marcel
3. GREIPEL André
4. SAGAN Peter
7. KRISTOFF Alexander
8. MEERSMAN Gianni
9. BOS Theo
10. MODOLO Sacha
11. MATTHEWS Michael
12. RICHEZE ARAQUISTAIN Ariel Maximiliano
13. MEZGEC Luka
14. NIZZOLO Giacomo
16. FARRAR Tyler
17. COQUARD Bryan
20. DEMARE Arnaud
21. GOSS Matthew
22. HUSHOVD Thor
23. FERRARI Roberto
24. GIRAUD Benjamin
25. ROGERS Rico Dene
26. GUARDINI Andrea
27. CHICCHI Francesco
28. CIOLEK Gerald
29. HOFLAND Moreno
30. DUMOULIN Samuel
31. ARNDT Nikias
32. MARTINEZ Yannick
34. GILBERT Philippe
37. MARKUS Barry
38. PETACCHI Alessandro
39. PELUCCHI Matteo
40. RENSHAW Mark
42. PETIT Adrien
43. GAVAZZI Francesco
44. FENN Andrew
45. BELLETTI Manuel
46. KRUOPIS Aidis
47. IMPEY Daryl
48. BOOM Lars
49. GAVAZZI Mattia
50. PONZI Simone

I can keep going.

Not Farrar. He couldn't have. Nor Goss.
Jul 12, 2010
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2011 was way more boring when the Schlecks handed the race to Gilbert on a platter (although they had no hope against him that year). We knew who had the win 7 kms out when they broke away.
Oct 19, 2010
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That's part of the game.
During a year you have average, good, boring and thrilling races.

Flanders was amazing this year. Roubaix boring for a long time and La Doyenne not really a thriller with a group of 50 riders with 15 k to go.
All three races were dull in the past week. Amstel was the usual with Gilbert doing the expected and Valverde and Gerrans doing the usual behind him. Fleche was won in the usual fashion, by Valverde who was one of the favourites. The only excitement created at Liege was Caruso and Pozzo's attack, Martin's fall and the hatred for Gerrans after the race. It was almost as predictable as another DNF for Andy and Costa being involved in another fall.

If they want more exciting racing, change the course or make it harder. What was dumfounding is that teams were prepared to tow Valverde and Gerrans to the finish and then the anti Gerrans lobby blame him for winning and making the race a dull affair. No doubt the classic racing is more conservative these days which is why grand tours are generally more exciting than the classics. At least Flanders and Roubaix were good.
Jagartrott said:
Still ****ed off with the cowardly racing where neutralising one another was more important than racing.

Yes. Only a few riders tried to make the race exciting; Arredondo, Pozzovivo, Caruso, Kreuziger (He tried atleast) and the Astana guys. And only Caruso and Pozzovivo truly had the guts to make what looked like the difference.
Make the first 15-20km neutral start and we have a route:
Re: Re:

Pricey_sky said:
Cance > TheRest said:
Pricey_sky said:
2014 was awful. At least here we had some action in the final few K's.
Like we didn't have action in 2014

You cannot claim there wasn't action from 3k out in the 2014 LBL.

True but I always got the impression it would come back together for a Valverde/Gerrans sprint. Today when the 4 got away It seemed very likely they would stay away.
That has nothing to do with the action. In today's Liege, virtually nothing happened before 3k to go.
In 2014, Pozzo and Caruso made an attack that stuck to the top of the climb in Ans.

I agree 2014 was a terrible edition, which is why 2016 was .. well .. even worse.
Re: Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2014, most boring monument in the l

I think its better than 2014. The finale was pretty good while in 2014 we maybe had a good attack by Pozzo and Caruso but if I remember correctly it never really looked like as if they could really stay away. Nevertheless still a very bad race of course.