Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2014, most boring monument in the last 10 years?

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Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2014, most boring monument in the last 10 years?

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Aug 13, 2009
Ferminal said:
And why is that different to any other year?
Sorry, meant to write "In comparison to the rest of the race" Easier early in the race keeps more riders in the race. Back loading the hard parts results in conservative racing

Here is what Garmin said during the race.

Race Radio ‏@TheRaceRadio
Perhaps my memory is failing me but it seems the bunch is larger then usual at this point in the race.

Team Garmin-Sharp ‏@Ride_Argyle 1h
@TheRaceRadio that was a frequent topic during team recon Friday. Before Redoubt is easier, but the final this year is harder. #LBL

Race Radio ‏@TheRaceRadio 1h
@Ride_Argyle Ahh, that makes sense. Riders being conservative with harder finale

Team Garmin-Sharp ‏@Ride_Argyle 1h
@TheRaceRadio basically, yeah. Faucons is very hard. #LBL
Faucons is not always in the finale, it was out last year
Race Radio said:
Here is what Garmin said during the race. Easier early in the race keeps more riders in the race. Back loading the hard parts results in conservative racing

Faucons is not always in the finale, it was out last year
Yeh but was in every other year since 2008 or whenever it was before which that other rather large hill was used.

Redoute at 35km into Faucons and St Nick as in five editions previously is harder than Redoute at 43km and a rolling hill at 30km into Faucons and St Nick.

Point is moot in any case given no one really attacked before Ans, though I agree the false flat can take a hike.
From what I've read in this forum, the 2012 and 2013 TdF's
were boring, last weeks Paris-Roubaix was boring and also
todays Liege-Bastogne-Liege was boring. Might I suggest,
my friends, that you head down to your local velodrome.
Track racing is always exciting (particularly if you are in
the race).
Aug 16, 2011
hrotha said:
Okay, people who, ridiculously enough, could have won this race. Go!

2. KITTEL Marcel
3. GREIPEL André
4. SAGAN Peter
7. KRISTOFF Alexander
8. MEERSMAN Gianni
9. BOS Theo
10. MODOLO Sacha
11. MATTHEWS Michael
12. RICHEZE ARAQUISTAIN Ariel Maximiliano
13. MEZGEC Luka
14. NIZZOLO Giacomo
16. FARRAR Tyler
17. COQUARD Bryan
20. DEMARE Arnaud
21. GOSS Matthew
22. HUSHOVD Thor
23. FERRARI Roberto
24. GIRAUD Benjamin
25. ROGERS Rico Dene
26. GUARDINI Andrea
27. CHICCHI Francesco
28. CIOLEK Gerald
29. HOFLAND Moreno
30. DUMOULIN Samuel
31. ARNDT Nikias
32. MARTINEZ Yannick
34. GILBERT Philippe
37. MARKUS Barry
38. PETACCHI Alessandro
39. PELUCCHI Matteo
40. RENSHAW Mark
42. PETIT Adrien
43. GAVAZZI Francesco
44. FENN Andrew
45. BELLETTI Manuel
46. KRUOPIS Aidis
47. IMPEY Daryl
48. BOOM Lars
49. GAVAZZI Mattia
50. PONZI Simone

I can keep going.
Mar 15, 2013
jaylew said:
Assuming you mean Ryo, though it would be so much better if Rui came here from time to time, just to talk s**t about EBH :p
Ryo idd. Riu,Ruy, Ryo, all the same to me :)
I think the biggest problem was that the strongest teams were the ones that just wanted a closed race and wanted a small group sprint in Ans. I loved what AG2R did, but they didn't have team that could make enough damage. Until 2011 the Schlecks were always good and there to attack cause they had 0 chance in a sprint.

So there are 2 problems

1. The riders going for broke weren't strong enough
2. The favourites didn't have the guts to do something
They really need to make all the monuments much longer and harder with smaller teams so the domestiques are gone for the last 40k like in a proper monument. :eek:

As for this edition, it was completely awful, not a single favourite ever tried a single attack. Watching Denifl attacking up St. Nicolas was one of saddest moments in cycling history. With all due respect to Denifl, he clearly has more balls and ambition than many much more talented riders, but he has no business at the end of a monument.
Surprisingly, as an Aussie, the win by Gerrans did not excite me. When I saw him there before the last corner, I had a feeling that he would pop out, which he did.

Then again, his team went for it, while the others either ran out of legs, or watched each other due to the barking in their ears from the radio in the team cars behind.

Quit the radios (or maybe quit them in the last 25km), a better race will result.

I thought 2011 was great, the two Schleck muppets leading Gilbert to the line, you could tell from way back that he would go around them, which he did.

I wonder what excuses will be offered up from Sky - a total failure by them.
I watched the re-run of the last 20 km without knowing who won. I was not bored trying to look for Betancur. I never saw him in the front group but took me while to find out so it kept me on my toes for a while (LOL). Having realized he was not there then I lost the interest.

Having said all this this was truly a boring LBL. I feel for all the people who watch hours of this boring fest (LOL).:p
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