, Demand IPO exposed

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Jun 16, 2012
Race Radio said:
Yeah sure, advertisers is why Demand is breaking away. Um, no.

DM D is trying to change the whole history of its bet on the intertwined beast that is LA and LiveStrong.

Imho, DMD and others are very worried that it failed to disclose lots of LA/Livestrong related things a reasonable investor in DMD's IPO would have thought material to their decision to invest or not. They are now likely trying to bend their past searchable history away from LA so that they can argue what happened to his brand value is not material to what has happened with DMD. Sure some here have pointed out Google's changes that hurt DMD's model. But that's a different matter, namely, did the IPO disclosures adequately warn of the damage that could be caused to DMD's business by unilateral search engine changes.