Longo eclipses Burton.

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May 26, 2009
Clythio said:
Less than 2 sec out of an Olympics podium Beijing 2008 doesn't count, according to your standards, of course...
Not enough talents, there? Bad anti-doping techniques used? I don't think so.
And if she dopes (possible) do you think others don't?
French, not USA, is the berth of new and powerful drugs?
A lot of French TdF favorites, now?
I'm also a skeptic about cycling as a clean sport, but it doesn't change the fact Longo is a fantastic bike racer/talent and is fully passionate for this sport - can you imagine what means at 50+ trying to avoid injuries and wake up every morning following a "pro" training annual plan?

1 United States Kristin Armstrong 34:51.72 Gold
2 Great Britainn Emma Pooley 35:16.01 Silver
3 Switzerland Karin Thurig 35:50.99 Bronze
4 France Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli 35:52.62
5 United States Christine Thorburn 35:54.16
I wonder if posting facts will be enough to burst terminator's bubble.

Because yes, your post should silence him completely... Jeannie was (is?) indeed a international player at 50 years of age.

In fact, if she goes to the next olympics I expect her to be top 5 in the ITT again.
May 27, 2011
ChrisE said:
LOL. Nicely done on a couple of levels. :cool:
I think you have misconstrued one of the levels - the "him" is a reference to her husband, who Papp claims to have been the purchaser of Longo's gear, rather than a comment about Longo herself....
Nov 24, 2010
I like reality

the delgados said:
Oh, for Gawd's sake--she's 52 years old!

I can't believe anyone would even consider the possibility that Longo is clean. Seriously, it's about as realistic as Santa sliding down your chimney on Christmas eve.

Seriously, people need to wake up.

Some people live part time in the Tardis, but Delgados lives in reality.

And JP's hints have confirmed my suspicions from years ago.