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Teams & Riders Lotto Dstny Cycling Team

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According to PCS a lot of neopros (from the devo team) coming in next year and in 2026.

2025: De Schuyteneer (till 2027), Orins, Van de Wynkele & Giddings (all 3 till 2026)
2026: Widar, Donie & Grisel (all till 2027)

Bit weird cause PCS normally only does this when it's official and there are no rumours about Giddings and Van de Wynkele having signed in the press, but it seems weirdly specific for it to not be true.

All those 18 and 19y olds are as expected (Widar could be in 2025 already if he keeps on winning I assume), Orins too after his results this year. Giddings to a lesser extent, but he's interesting. He's a leadout/classic guy. I think he's deserves the chance. Van de Wynkele on the other hand I don't understand AT ALL and it just confirms the budget problems for me. I have no idea how Lotto is going to go back to riding a full WT calendar when their average age will be like 24 in the future.
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