Mallorca Challenge 30.01 - 02.02.2020

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It’s nice to see Soler get an early win. He’s been good for a long time but he will have to be one of the real leaders this season.
Hopefully this win will give him some confidence. The next race for him and Valverde is Valencia so he won't have the full responsibility or pressure of leadership there either. I think after that he and Mas go to Andalucia as co-leaders. It is nice to see this atmosphere within this team. It helps when you have 3 leaders who genuinely get along and the younger two are friends.
If Moschetti has taken a big step forward, he does have a very big horsepower train available to him. Trek have a lot of big strong lumps. Today though he seems to have come off Ackermann’s wheel, come round him and then have time to celebrate. Even assuming that Ackermann is far from his best form, that’s not easy.
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