Teams & Riders Mark Cavendish Discussion Thread

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Jakobsen is their next big sprinter and it’s best not to tick him off. He’ll be around for many years. I‘m sure that plays a part in him doing the tour. Also he’s probably faster now.

But, if by some weird chance, Cav proves to be the fastest man this year, hopefully business sense would take over and they’d let him ride the Tour.
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Really, makes no sense to me, but then perhaps I,m not bright enough.
A Belgium team bring Cav to the Tour last year when it was being theorized for months if he would go
All talk is on if Cav can equal or pass Merckx’s 34
Cav wins 4 to equal Merckx gaining huge publicity with each win
Quickstep then doesn’t work on two stages to set up for Cav breaking the record in Paris
Cav gets boxed in behind WVA by Belgium riders
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He's for sure up there as the 2nd or 3rd fastest sprinter this year. His own teammate and Ewan are the only major threats to him imo. Of course with sprinting you can always lose, but those two (if all are set up well) might be the only one's with a faster sprint this year.
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Ofcourse he will go when he is in the same shape as he is now. So many things can happen: crashes, out of shape, etcetera. Even a potential Giro won't complicate a possible Tour too much:
Who knows Cavendish will start the Giro with the plan to drop out after 10 days / 2 weeks just to rack up some stage wins?
It's all very easy: Quickstep won't deny an in-form Cavendish, and it's just up to Cavendish to peak at the right time.