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Mavic R-Sys recall

Mar 11, 2009
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Sykkel-Erik said:
Anyone here with experience with Mavic's recall of their R-Sys wheels?


I bought my wheelset in October/November 2008, and sent my wheel to Mavic in March. Still waiting for my new wheel to be delivered... Can't believe it takes that long to ship out new ones.

Talked to our local Mavic guy. Wheels sent in in Feb returned in May..March, probably June.
Nevermind said:
Did you at least receive your pair of Aksium Race wheels in the meantime???

I have, but I have Aksium Race wheels on my training bike too which I'm not too happy about (especially downhill they feel very unstable)... so for the time being my good bike is just hanging on the wall waiting for a new front wheel. Luckily racing season has hardly started in Norway - hope to get the R-Sys wheel before the big races get started.