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It's possible there are as many as 7 nationalities in the top-5 of the Elite Men's World Championship Road Race. Yes, you read that correctly.

Küng is also Liechtensteiner, and I suppose you could argue that Van der Poel is also French.

It's more. As is established, Mads Pedersen has many different nationalities. American, Japanese, Swedish, you name it.
Only one that I can think is close, but no cigar, is Zubeldia who’s at a 10 year gap.
@Samu Cuenca

Geoffrey Soupe is also at 12 (he actually won twice this year, but only had one other win in 2011).
Anthony Delaplace is at 11 years after wins in 2011 and 2022.

Zubeldia is next on the list of riders who retired less than seven years ago (I don't have data from before).
It came from the question whether Van Aert can still win a world title in spite of being older than Evenepoel. Zoetemelk winning after Kuiper came to mind, so I checked those numbers, comparing him to younger winners.

Another weird example is Horner winning the Vuelta fourteen years after Ullrich, in spite of being two years older.
To be fair, Horner hit his prime by 2010.
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The Anglocentric Sky/Ineos team have as many different Grand Tour stage winners born in Ecuador as they do born in England (excluding TTTs). And its not changing in the Vuelta,

The miracle could happen, with G winning a couple of stages, and it still wouldn't change.
He's Welsh, born in Cardif. Health and safety recommend that you do not refer to Wales as "England".
I know it was only the juniors but has anyone else ever won 3 times in the same day (ITT/split stage/GC) as Felix Orn Kristoff did last week as part of also winning every single stage of the race.

Others may also have done something similar, but I know Roger De Vlaeminck beat Merckx in a time trial and in a road stage to win the 1975 Tour de Suisse on the last day.
The last non-French rider to win a GT stage for FDJ was Hutarovich, back in the 2010 Vuelta.
On the flipside, it took ten years from their first GT stage win by a French rider, Mengin in 1997, to the second, Casar in 2007. In the meantime, they had stage wins by an Italian, and a couple of Australians.

Intermarche has five GT stage wins so far, all won by riders of different nationalities: Dutch, Estonian, Eritrean, Czech, and South African.

Out of the 51 individual GT stage wins Astana has gotten over the years, only nine have been won by riders from Kazakhstan, most of those (six) by Vinokourov.

The last six GT stage wins by Trek were won by a Dane.

Arkea is the only WT team without any GT stage wins.
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