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Miguel Ángel Lopez Discussion Thread

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Supermán is gonna go crazy on the small races here, now, isn't he. Looking at Medellin's calendar from last year, we had the following UCI races:

Vuelta del Porvenir San Luís (not raced by them this year)
Vuelta a Formosa (4 stages, 2.2)
Vuelta a Colombia (10 stages, 2.2)
Maryland Classic (1-day race, 1.PS)
Turul României (6 stages, 2.1)
Vuelta al Ecuador (8 stages, 2.2)

Not a huge amount especially as they aren't doing San Luís this year, and Formosa is a flat stage race that wouldn't suit López, but if you look at some previous years, they've done a fair few races elsewhere that he could pick up a bunch of points from. I suspect if they went to Castilla y León or Asturias this year as they have done in the past, Supermán might stay home with the investigation in Spain pending, but back in 2019 they did a bunch of the Asian stage races, I could readily see Supermán come back to take on some top two level guys on Genting Highlands or in the Tour of Hainan (if it's more like later versions and less like the sprint festival it was ten years ago). There's a few 2.2 races on the America Tour they could do, and maybe if they're interested in travelling and can pick up a little mini-calendar somewhere around the Mediterranean, somewhere like the Tour of Turkey could invite them.

There's a good chance López goes into chaos mode and is just all over all of the races that Medellin get to do.