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Miguel Angel Lopez banned for 4 years

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Do I understand it correctly that since there's no proof of injecting the monotropin the court can't find him guilty, but since the UCI is above the law they can.

People claim the clinic forum is full of conspiracy theorists, but seriously UCI has zero incentive to catch anyone doping least it's already known to the public beforehand. It's in the design.
In most countries and most instances the UCI isn’t above or below the law and of course doesn’t operate under the criminal code. Consider that attorneys and doctors have a profession code of ethics and they can be disbarred or lose their medical license by their professional associations. Rules and laws are different things.
Obviously, when a country has a criminal code that includes use or distribution of PEDs then the laws and judicial court processes apply.
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From what has been in the press it seems Lopez's masseur Vicente Belda Garcia was sent the menotropine by Dr Maynar for Lopez. Garcia had a doping plan from Dr Maynar for López on his phone and of course the Police took his phone. Plus text messages on when and what to give López so the "game was up". Of course Garcia claims he threw the stuff away, but the chat messages reveal what was going on.

see for a good round up of the sorry saga (in Spanish, but googling translation works well
Vicente Belda???? Kelme Vicente Belda??? Was Johan Bruyneel’s kid unavailable?

Guilty as charged.