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Mikel Landa Discussion Thread

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Re: Mikel Landa

Ryo Hazuki said:
the sceptic said:
How many grand tours will he win? he might be the strongest in this giro.

I think he might be the next Froome.
landa will be a lot less in higher mountains. like most basks he goes well until 1500 metres max

I am not sure about that, maybe you are right, but there is not any evidence of that....Neila is at 1900, Bondone 1650, and he did the best in la Vuelta in the andorra stage, the highest, with a clib at 2400...

Landa lives in Alava, near Burgos, his town is higher than Bilbao and most of basque towns as the basque part of Lejarreta, Mayo, Gorospe, etc... just 620 meters high, but is more than Indurain home (430) and he finished well in La Gallina.

He love hight mountains, so...

He said today to my friend he is well but already tired, but I think that is the same for everybody.
Aug 31, 2012
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After having identified numerous positive characteristics that separate Colombian cyclists from mere Europeans, it appears Ryo is now branching out and targeting the poor Basks. They just cannot function above 1500m can they
I have always know the potential of Landa to climb, but I didnt think he could be in an ITT like this better than: Porte, Trofimov, Zakarin. Cunego, Intxausti (although he maybe wanst the motivation)...he was in the part that wind didnt help....

Impressive, he was just a minute behind Aru.

if Astana allow him to attack, Contador or Saxo must do anything.
Apr 17, 2015
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Should just work with Aru to get another 1 or 2 stage wins between them, they'll be on the final podium anyway. But if that was the best they've got to drop contador, it's not good enough.
Re: Re:

He is scaringly good and then it looks as if we not yet seen the best of him. Or that was rather when he didnt have to watch after Aru and just passed Trofimov as the guy stood still or was riding backwards. I expect great things from this man the coming days.

Crappy TT though which is a shame.
Landa was almost nowhere since Astana signed him up until the past month or so. A bit too much to already proclaim him the next Contador and better than Aru. Sure he looks unbelievably good on these Giro mountains but only time will tell. A podium here should be the first step.