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Mikkel Bjerg discussion thread

Looking back at his results- he has a few wins and top 10s at junior level and won the U23 Worlds TT. A surprise to be sure, but to be honest I doubt the seasoned pros will be at anywhere close to top condition for this event. One to keep an eye on though.
There were several guys who were really good this early in their careers but eventually didn't have a particularly successful pro career (some didn't even have them at all).

We will see how it goes with Bjerg. Doesn't help that he is from country from which riders regularly have very good results in u-23 races but that doesn't translate for success at WT level for whatever reason. Nonetheless, I hope he does well in the future.
I imagine the other U23 riders breathed a collective sigh of relief when they learned he was gonna do the elite race. (Even if it meant foregoing a chance to race in the rainbows.)

Also: Pleasedon'tgoprotooearly!Pleasedon'tgoprotooearly!Pleasedon'tgoprotooearly!
I was thinking about making a Big Mik thread solely to annoy Ciranda, but it's probably for the best that this thread already existed.

Well done by Bjerg, who finally delivers what he and others expected him to be able to achieve one day. UAE's new ITT set up seems to be very good, and JV should be a little scared after today.
If only there was early 30 km ITT in this Tour then we would be chilling.

There isn't though, so I don't think the setups will matter this much, especially since its a mountanious TT