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Moderators, I beg you...

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Mar 12, 2009
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dimspace said:
should we just start a "doping.. discuss" thread...

i dont mind talking about it.. we just seem to have six threads on the go at the moment...

that my issue.. i dont give a monkeys about the dos donts whys or wherefores.. im just bored with derailment.. :D

Worth posting again, my thoughts also.
While I understand the skepticism some have of Armstrong, it does get rather old to have to read the same old points over and over (that I've read on more than one discussion forum). I am not a defender or an accuser. In fact, if he's dq'ed, stripped, I'm fine with it. I just don't want to sit there and have to discuss the on the bike merits of his comeback while wading through the same old debates I've spent the last 10 years having to read whenever I want to discuss pro cycling.

At the same time, I would much rather discuss racing on the road in forums. If people could discuss the racing aspects, and leave the accusations and innuendo to topics which deal explicitly with that conversation, it would be appreciated.

It's much more inviting to those on the outside who follow the sport, but don't have a lot invested in all things Lance, positive or negative. I've seen forums run into the ground by all the accusations thrown around before, to the point of not a lot of people wanting to join any further.
Mar 17, 2009
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personally i think if it is ever proven that lance doped, that the seven tours where as a result of cheating, then it will probably be the last nail in the coffin for cycling..
And if that is the case so be it. But your words also ring of someone who would happily cover this up to prevent the last nail going in and that is so wrong on so many levels

Yes all this stuff goes around and around on all the forums the world over. But then if the media didn't fawn all over Armstrong then perhaps there wouldnt be so much discussion about him? It's all very well saying let's discuss the athletic side of events, but that requires people to post threads about the result of the days stage rather than about Armstrong crashing out, or about how Cavendish's win in MSR perhaps singles the start of a clean era (again...I'll come to that) rather than praise to Hincapie for his teamwork.*

Quite sadly because of Ricco and Kohl making "mistakes", they've tarred many of the new young riders who we might have unquestioningly considered clean.
Thoughtforfood said:
Mello, I wrote the original post in regards to Flyer.Dr House/BroDeal <- he stole the real Bro's name to post originally. I have my moments, but I am fairly certain am not on his level. They banned him immediately following my thread request.(though I think it was already in the works when I posted the thread) If you have never experienced trying to post with him hijacking everything with a giberish rant, you wouldn't understand.

:eek: I've just found and read that other post.
Does that mean I have to side with Mr Drivel, now?
Being unscruplously fair-yes.
TFF: You are very naughty, ooooohhhh behave.;)

Nice to see Daniel expressing a common sense to "diversity."
So, can we have that other thread back?:D