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Most Disappointing Team of the Tour

Most disappointing team of the Tour

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Have compiled a brief short-list of the most 'worthy' teams for poll purposes, but feel to say whatever you wish.

-Cofidis: Only French team without a stage. Stephane Auge's Stage 11 Combativity Prize is the only notable result.

-Footon-Servetto: No stage, no GC, no jersey... Although with 9 Tour debuts I don't know how much could've been expected from them in the first place.

-Liquigas: No stage, Kreuziger 9th overall... Despite an (on paper) incredibly strong team with high expectations going in.

-Milram: Dead last in the Team Classification. They did try though, but with a sponsor pulling out and the direction on the hunt for new money, this performance wasn't exactly inspiring

-Rabobank: Podium for Menchov is good, but they only team with two in-form GC men never tried anything creative and rarely threatened to take the race on. Also no stage wins despite bringing Freire and having two top climbers; and yet they still almost never attacked and went with untimately successful breaks in the mountains.

-Team Sky: Man Utd looked suspiciously like Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Jun 28, 2009
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How about Radioshack or Garmin? Rabobank had a great Tour putting a man on the Podium and a guy in 6th. Team Sky takes the cake doing nothing with the amount of money they spent and talent they compiled.
Clemson Cycling said:
How about Radioshack or Garmin? Rabobank had a great Tour putting a man on the Podium and a guy in 6th

I shortlisted only teams that didn't win a stage, and in the case of Caisse, they were so aggressive and attacking that I felt short-listing them was a bit unfair. Garmin did well despite immense crashes to the team, but I guess I could've short-listed them too. I did include an "other" option though.

Also, it isn't a poll for 'worst team' but the 'most disappointing team.' Rabobank weren't the worst, but they were slightly disappointing. I also didn't end up voting for them. I took Milram. Those riders were riding for a contract for next year and produced..... Nothing. Very disappointing to me.
May 20, 2010
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Cofidis have it in the bag.

For all the people who jump at Sky, they have actually managed to get a jersey and a bunch of 2nd and 3rds.
Clemson Cycling said:
Garmin and Lotto didn't win a stage

Yes... I considered listing them too. But Garmin, I thought, did extremely well to get something out of the Tour despite being decimated by crashes, and Lotto attacked almost every day and had a man in the top-5 which noone expected of them.

BMC also didn't win a stage.... But since noone but ACF expected them to even show signs of life and they did wear yellow for a day and took their responsibilities that day I decided to leave them out of the short-list... But like I said, there is an other option.
Jun 20, 2010
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Geriatric Shack. An embarrasment to look at. Grumpy old men. A class example of not knowing when you are over the hill. And when to retire.
Jul 18, 2010
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saganftw said:
i think they did quite well...apart from wiggins ofc,EBH was everpresented in the sprint,thomas did good job on stage 3 and prologue
That's what I thought too. I can't see why they should be "most disappointing" team, unless the voters are british disgruntled punters, who, like for the soccer world cup, always set off thinking they're going to win for real. and then inevitably get a massive reality check ;)