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Most Disappointing Team of the Tour

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Most disappointing team of the Tour

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Jun 22, 2010
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am i right in saying luke roberts got the best finish for Milram???? a 5th....
if so ,milram are in trouble,nice guy,but gez big fail for milram :(

an is there a way the tour can kick Cofidis out?? or have they signed that thing where they are in tour for like 20 years :(
May 20, 2010
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1. Astana 488.886 euro
2. Saxo Bank 292 392
3. Rabobank 192,978
4. Caisse d'Epargne 114 604
5. Euskaltel 94.746
6. RadioShack 92.018
7. Omega Pharma 90,424
8. HTC Columbia 88.988
9. Lampre 81.796
10. Quick Step 78.058
11. Bbox 76.074
12. Garmin Transitions 55 352
13. AG2R La Mondiale 47 776
14. Cervelo 39.542
15. Katusha 38.966
16. Sky 36.992
17. Liquigas 33.092
18. Milram 27.118
19. 25 922 FDJ
20. Cofidis 20.372
21. BMC 15.872
22. Footon 13.492

Financially it is Footon
Radioshack, of course. Going into the TDF with a whole lot of guys who should've been top 10 overall, yet they all failed miserably and they ultimately only ended up with a top 10 due to a breakaway. Also hilarious how they cared more about the teams classification than anything else, purely so that Armstrong could stand on the podium in Paris. Poor Levi...

Team Sky obviously dissapointed as well, but I think that it was mainly Bradley Wiggins who didn't live up to expectations. Edvald got the best results he could get considering his poor form after injury and also a flu in the middle of the Tour, Geraint Thomas had a really great TDF and Thomas Löfkvist got through a grand tour without completely cracking in the last week. The loss of Simon Gerrans could possibly have cost them a stage win though.
Jun 9, 2010
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Liquigas ALL THE WAY!

They can't say that they were tired cuz Basso and Szymd were the only who rode Il Giro... The others were fresh but not in form... They didn't try it in the sprints and they were in just 2 or 3 breakaways... Being the team who won Il Giro they had to do something a Top 10 for Liquigas is not enough...

Also Sky... besides Thomas and EBH showing the colors not much from Sky...
Jul 22, 2009
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Marva32 said:
For a group of Tour debutantes, I would have to say that they seemed to do a decent job of getting into moves and helping to animate the race.
it just seemed that way because of their ugly kits. Maybe they should consider a women's hosiery company as additional sponsor.
Mar 10, 2009
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Well the question at hand is "Most Disappointing Team of the Tour", so with that:

1. Radio Shack: With the returning 7 time Tour winner and once 3rd Place as of recent tour, another 3rd Place returning tour hopeful, a two time 2nd Place returning rider (once pseudo 2nd), a super DS who has guided 9 tour wins two Giro wins and two Vueltas (or is it three? or was three), and a touted super race tactician which could get by without a race radio and still predict the race at hand with no problemo! What happens? One stage win by the no name rider on the team who once impress at Worlds a long time ago and hasn't done much after and the Team prize oh yea, I'm disappointed. Unless you call all the race Tweeting impressive? Not to mention all the fund raising for Cancer Awareness (not Cancer solution), then the look at us on the last stage jersey fiasco. Major disappointment. Hyped up? Yes they were but they played into it as well and wait till the next one.

2. Sky: I actually expected nothing from them, I have never considered a 4th place rider a Tour winner unless they actually animated the race not just sucked wheel the whole way to 4th. So why 2nd? Well I do think most of the UK posters were bombed with hype over across the Atlantic, luckily I missed it but heard they were hyped up so that's why they're second only because of the second hand hype. Then the did have a few more riders who showed promise but boy they didn't even come close. Oh well.

Saying Cofidis, Footon, or BBox were disappointing is just disappointing of you because it says you were actually expecting them to do something. So if they were disappointing to you why, what were you expecting from them? Who was supposed to win a stage or contend for GC that some of us overlooked?
Jun 16, 2009
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I would like to highlight some dissapointing performances also

88 Lim`s Rice Cakes Ferminal 2810
49 The Unbeaten El Imbatido 3475
45 Schlecks 2: Electric Brogaloo Bro Deal 3524

Very dissapointing! Expected you to be an idiot who knows nothing about cycling like me!
auscyclefan94 said:
I would like to highlight some dissapointing performances also

88 Lim`s Rice Cakes Ferminal 2810
49 The Unbeaten El Imbatido 3475
45 Schlecks 2: Electric Brogaloo Bro Deal 3524

Very dissapointing! Expected you to be an idiot who knows nothing about cycling like me!

Hey.....i thought i did alright for someone who didn't want to be part of the pack and put most of his chips on Contador.......I was probably one of the few who didn't pick him.......
Meh, Breukink actually mentioned something about Sky

"These new teams like Sky have shouted they revolutionize cycling claiming they do it in a whole new way. While actually, we (and other Pro teams) do the same things as they do for years already, it's natural, not new at all."

Lot of talk, but nothing there, just have the fanciest bus, that's all;)
Of those listed, I was most disappointed in Cofidis. Seemed they just soft-pedalled around France for 3 weeks.

I wasn't expecting anything from Milram nor Footon - though Footon did animate the race a bit.

Sky - never thought Wiggins would break the top ten, so no disappointment there, though EBH had a good tour.

Radioshack - never expected anything from them, didn't believe the hype. LA was never going to podium - I didn't even have him in the top 10 - Leechy well, he did what I expected - sucked; the Freiburg Phantom was just that - a phantom of the tour; Horner did do well to get a top 10; and, Popovych gave a great demonstration on how to pin your numbers on!