Most Farcical Tour Ever?

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sublimit said:
I respect your post, some other stuff on this thread is kind of funny,There's so much love for Lance now from his (ex) biggest detractors.

Anyway clearly Chris Froome was destined to spend his days as a no hoper cat 4 rider after he came position 35 in his first GT as a 23 year old, so obviously would never be a top contender at all. Will10 you know **** all BTW, Ok we can agree to disagree but cut the condescending crap in future.
Not to pick bones, but Froome's 35th place was the '09 Giro; he was down in the 80s somewhere in his first Tour. The guy had shown promise in fits and bursts, but that's all it had been until the Vuelta; enough to say the guy could make a good mountain domestique or stagehunter, but nothing like enough to convince all except his mother that he could win a GT. If he'd continued to build on those early performances rather than seeming to stagnate for at least a year even before the bilharzia, it would have been easier for most to swallow.

Hell, even AT the Vuelta last year, after the La Covatilla stage I was enthusing about what a great day it had been for him and how I didn't think he had it in him, and if Sky had any sense they'd tell him to go easy in the ITT so he'd be fresh to help Wiggins on La Manzaneda before Löfkvist took over as the lead mountain helper for the last couple of mountain stages, because that's what many of us thought would happen - Froome as main helper for the first half of the race, Löfkvist for the second.

It's pretty amusing looking back at that, just how wrong I was. At least I correctly predicted Wiggins would be fine on Covatilla and Manzaneda, maybe Farrapona, but would drop away on Angliru and Peña Cabarga, when everyone else was poo-pooing his chances of doing anything on GC at the Vuelta. But nobody predicted Froome. Maybe blackcat can point to a post they made sometime in 2009 that said they reckoned Froome could do something in a GT by 2011-12, but that's all. Though he was an outsider, a few people (Ryo and jens attacks in particular) mentioned Cobo.
The Cobra said:

I think there has been one too many big names to have been busted for these guys to take crazy risks anymore. I mean even the master escape artist Armstrong is finally going to go down. Cycling really has turned a corner and the guys with a real big talent and racing clean are coming to the top (Wiggins/Froome).
Says the guy from UK.