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Most memorable doped performance? 2010-2020

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I gotta say Landa emerging from obscurity at the 2015 giro is maybe a forgotten alien moment. 25 with not much in the way of results and out of contract and he became the best climber in the world.

I get your point, as he improved a lot in that year. And clearly, riding for Astana gives additional reason to raise concerns. But "not much in the way of results" is a bit exaggerated. He had already been 6th in San Sebastian 2013, won on Monte Bondone in Giro del Trentino 2014 (against riders like Pellizotti, Pozzovivo, Evans, Wiggins, Aru), won a hard stage in Pais Vasco 2015 and had been 2nd at the Giro del Trentino prior to that Giro. Clearly, his performance level and his consistency in the Giro were very surprising, exceeding all expectations, but it's not that he wasn't regarded a very promising climbing talent already.
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Ah, so new to Quebec?

I'm from Ontario; we're spooning with Quebec. Speaking of memorable doping performances, please let me introduce you to the Cycliste Grand Prix Montreal and Quebec City. There are many memorable performances put on by riders who are either prepping for the WC or are winding things down and wondering where they might go on vacation in the next few weeks. It's a real hodgepodge of talent all mixed into two wonderful one-day races. You get a mix of riders stopping at the top of Mount Royale to take mid-race selfies with guys like Ryder Hesjedal desperately trying to hold on to Peter Sagan's wheel when the guy lights things up with 20 km's to go. Talk about separating the wheat from the chaff. Good lord.
Anyway, both races take place on gorgeous courses in beautiful cities. Highly recommended for those wondering where to take a week-long getaway.
P.S. Clearly I've been listening to a lot of my man Carlton Kirby call races. You know, talking about vacation spots and hotel stays when Oh--my--god Sean--a-rider-has-gone-down!
Money for the riders, yes, but surely the other teams have a big disincentive to sign a rider who has "inflated" results that, in more cases than not, he cannot back up at a new team.

This may be a case of being very selective for teams picking riders from DQS. Movistar for what they signed Mas for isn't doing badly. Mas had 1 GT podium and his other GT's at DQS weren't nearly as good. So far he's two for two with Movistar in GT's with top 5's. He may be one of the small number of riders who can be more successful in a different team because of the type of rider he is. So it's not a blanket statement with riders from DQS, but it is the majority of them.
Here is the photo of the most doped moment in history:


This is only comparable with moments like Riis in Hautacam, Pantani in Alpe D'Huez 95 and 97. Contador in Verbier is peanuts compared to this. Pogacar dropping his power meter reminds me of Michael Corleone dropping the smoking gun!!!!
Seriously, I don't even know the details in that week between those two. Wasn't Contador following Froome's wheel all the time? I really don't know what was wrong with those moments.
Froome clinched away with Aru on a day Contador was kinda playing with Valverde & Purito or their rivalry respectively. Got back in touch with the red jersey in progress.

On the last mountain stage Froome rode tempo from the front continuesly. Tried some of his seated accelerations, but more steady. Not 2013 style. Although Contador referred to his seated attack in the post race interview. Contador stayed in the wheel and jumped away with 2 or 3 kilometers to go, because he was simply stronger than Froome.

Nothing extraordinary IMHO
A lot that I was thinking of have already been mentioned. But I haven't seen this one:

Rohan Dennis at the Stelvio & Sestriere in 2020
That one should be emphasized. A guy who, at most, could hang on around top10 in a few hard climbs (not exaclty Stelvio tier, but let's be charitable) turns himself into a world class climber destroying everyone on the Stelvio. Within 1km (around 9km until the end of the Stelvio) of him hitting the front, everyone but TGH, Hindley and Kelderman are dropped. Kelderman doesn't manage to hold on for even 2km. Breaks the Stelvio record climb in the process. Then, after a descent when the difference stays more or less steady, proceeds to put another minute into everyone in a few flat kms until the beginning of the last climb.

In Sestriere, after destroying everyone bar TGH and Hindley on one of the passes, puts the hurt on his team-mate and Hindley and looks like the strongest climber on the race, neutralizing several attacks by Hindley. The GC duo lose his wheel several times on the final climb too.

A freak show for the ages, a performance only matched and surpassed by the Dawg two years before in its ridiculousness.