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Moustache Man Morgado

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He is gonna win Flanders some day I'm pretty sure. I think he is build for monuments. But yeah Paris Roubaix I have my doubts about.
Maybe in a couple of years Paris-Roubaix will suit him more, but he is listed for it now and the De Brabantse Pijl three days later.

Hmm, I doubt he will do both and would probably prefer he does De Brabantse Pijl followed by Amstel right now.

But who knows, he has a great engine and the technique to ride on the cobbles. He just finished 5th in the fastest edition of RVV and in tough conditions. We might be underestimating what he can do in PR already.
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Really curious to see how he performs in Robauix.

Wellens was saying he would have a protected status and the belief is that hes better suited for Robauix.
Positioning is arguably more important in Roubaix than in Flanders and Morgado doesn't strike as someone who's paritcularly skilled in that regard (for now). He was always too far from the front when approaching the bergs on Sundays, I think he started the second Kwaremont behind 50 riders at least. The team will have to support him before Arenberg so it's nice to hear he'll be a protected rider.

Anyway from what I've see thus far his durability must be off the charts despite the young age. If he manages to be in the leading group or close enough after Arenberg he can get an excellent result.
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