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Music! What are you listening to now?

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Mar 13, 2009
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King Boonen said:
I like vinyl because of the product, gate-fold albums with artwork that you actually want to sit and look at, and because they force you to listen to the album the way the artist intended, with tracks in the order intended. I like having music on my phone, it's great, but I like to be able to sit back and properly listen to music. Vinyl is more of an event :)

This is why I am interested in it too... more about the ceremonial part of it, than sound quality. Thanks for sharing your experience with it!
Christian said:
One day, baby.... when I'll have money, I'll buy a vinyl record player. Who here has one??
I've a record player too. Bought one a couple of years ago after winning some records in a contest. No regrets 'bout that. I don't have a nostalgic feeling about vinyl from my childhood - as a child I was actually kinda scared of scratching the records, and preferred cassettes - and I'm not much of a hi-fi geek, so it's not about the sound either. As King Boonen says, it's more about the artwork and the size of the album. There's definitely some fascination there. The most important thing is this:

Look at that record - how cool is that?! A digital file certainly doesn't 'look' like that, and it wouldn't look as fantastic on a cd.
Oct 21, 2012
I'm currently abusing this track, I've been listening to it for 9 hours or so. Fans of electronic music might remember this from 2009, it's Major Lazer & Vybz Kartel.


Before you think I'm crazy, let me explain. I have a 'formative analysis' (basically a compare/contrast job on Baldassare Castiglione's 1528 work, The Book of the Courtier; and Gilles de Gouberville's mid-16th century memoirs, Journal) due at uni Friday, and it's my routine to listen to a song with no/minimal lyrics whilst doing serious academic work. It helps me stay focused. Although admittedly, I still do get distracted (I shouldn't even be on the internet right now), so it isn't perfect, but it works for me most of the time.
Mar 13, 2009
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With much sadness, I have been listening to Gwar.

Dave Brockie, captain of the rockinest pillage-ship has died:

Mar 13, 2009
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Here is my Top 25 most listened songs on my iTunes. A lot of these I haven't listened to in a while though. It is made up entirely of Element of Crime, Bo Burnham, Jeffrey Lewis, Kimya Dawson, Blur and one Emir Kusturica song. My all time number 1 used to be "Cuando se vaya la luz" by Frank Delgado, but it appears once you hit 40 or 50 listens, the counter goes back to zero.

1) Le Vent Nous Portera - Element of Crime
2) Hamburg 75 - Element of Crime
3) What's Funny - Bo Burnham
4) Rant - Bo Burnham
5) The Upside-Down Cross - Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard
6) Blaumeise Yvonne - Element of Crime
7) To Be Objectified - Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard
8) Solid And Strong - Kimya Dawson
9) Art Is Dead - Bo Burnham
10) It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - Element of Crime
11) Der Weiße Hai - Element of Crime
12) Roll Bus Roll - Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard
13) Same Sh*t/Complicated - Kimya Dawson
14) Draußen Hinterm Fenster - Element of Crime
15) Parklife - Blur
16) On Your Own - Blur
17) Kaffee und Karin - Element of Crime
18) If Life Exists (?) - Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard
19) Everything's Allright - Kimya Dawson
20) Driving Driving Driving - Kimya Dawson
21) Country House - Blur
22) Broken Broken Broken Heart - Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard
23) Whistle Past The Graveyard - Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard
24) Delmenhorst - Element of Crime
25) Drang Nach Osten - Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra

I recently got a lot of good new music and I also listen to some albums on Spotify a lot, so it's not really representing of what I listen to most currently, but these are my absolute favourites of the last couple of years I guess. The lowest number of plays is 24, so I think it will take a while for this list to change significantly, though it certainly will at some point :)
Aug 9, 2013
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Why change 4 the worst. Still Led^Zepp,The*Who,The*Doors,& last but not least, Roger*Waters, are das' best. Leave Pink, et al, for the new rainbow crowd, the hipsters: clueless, oblivious, ravelers on ecstacy. Much like the bloggers who've never won even a cat'4 'Hood race