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aphronesis said:
That’s no fun. Last fall I was descending the bike path of an auto/subway bridge in the rain and slid out instantly on a wet metal plate. It launched me diagonally toward the interior railing, square and slightly wider than a palm, which I grabbed so I wouldn’t crash into it. Then I had to keep holding on or the recoil would have thrown me down in the other direction. Skidding wasn’t an option in the rain so I rode one handed as I fish tailed down the bridge, banging my knee on the rail, trying not to get tangled in it or thrown on my face. Over the course of about 30-40 feet there were a few vertical dividers that my thumb clipped as I passed by. Once I slowed enough to ride off, my thumb was numb and wet so I didn't notice the same injury for a few hours.

Of course there’s no car traffic on the path and it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t take that as an excuse to think up examples of something I’d read on guitar harmonies the night before. Took a little more than a month to heal.

Ty Segall, “Alta”
Sounds nasty, and lucky you didn't get bucked off.

I got the cast off, it's very stiff and healed out the joint but easing off and I can finally ride again. Hand feels ok on the bike, legs are junk.

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Bound For Glory.