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Libertine Seguros said:
Oh, I love their "I Am I Said", spectacular every time. The "Burl" / "Little Baby Buntin'" era is my favourite. As their covers go, I have to say I'm in the camp of "I'm Not Lisa" though - I didn't know the original when I first heard it, but I instantly knew it was one of their covers from the playfulness.
Although always aware, I came to them more peripherally and later than you I think. At their time, they never quite sat with the directionsI was pursuing, so I’d have to take a moment to go through their work systematicallly. In most contexts, I find playfulness throughout their stuff.

Les temps heureaux, “Waiting On”
Due to my left hand being in a cast I’m on a lap slide kick listening to Kelly Joe Phelps, all I can play at the moment. If anyone has other melodic slide suggestions, Martin Simpson, Derek Trucks, that kind of thing, I’m all ears.

aphronesis said:
Steve Gunn, “Way out Weather”

What you break?
Thanks, new name to add to the list.

Dislocated thumb and stretched the ligaments so it wouldn't stay in the joint. Kept popping in and out as I moved it, almost ruined a fixed beers run. Cast off on Wednesday and hopefully no surgery.

Tricycle Rider said:
[quote="aphronesis":dkk0dzl7]Steve Gunn, “Way out Weather”

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What you break?
Moreover, why he go breaking ****?

He's probably not looking for lyrics or anything too spunky, but this one I think is nice anyway.

John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt play "I'm In The Mood"

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Another good one, thanks.

It was really weird. I was out of the saddle just going down a slight hill, probably doing about 20-odd mph and my front valve stem snapped. No idea how it happened, my mate who was next to me said he heard it go, the air rush out and me hit the tarmac. Front tyre went flat pretty much instantly and as I was out of the saddle I had some weight into the handlebars with no traction. Hit the deck hard on my right side, slid, then the bike came over the top and must have dragged my hand with it as it's my left thumb that's hurt. Pretty big crash, torn gilet, shorts scuffed and front wheel buckled enough to rub the fork so I had to spend 20 minutes on the roadside truing it. Rest of the bike fine though. Caught the bunch up after that to finish the ride. I thought it was just swelling but got told to go to the Hospital after a meeting in work.
That’s no fun. Last fall I was descending the bike path of an auto/subway bridge in the rain and slid out instantly on a wet metal plate. It launched me diagonally toward the interior railing, square and slightly wider than a palm, which I grabbed so I wouldn’t crash into it. Then I had to keep holding on or the recoil would have thrown me down in the other direction. Skidding wasn’t an option in the rain so I rode one handed as I fish tailed down the bridge, banging my knee on the rail, trying not to get tangled in it or thrown on my face. Over the course of about 30-40 feet there were a few vertical dividers that my thumb clipped as I passed by. Once I slowed enough to ride off, my thumb was numb and wet so I didn't notice the same injury for a few hours.

Of course there’s no car traffic on the path and it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t take that as an excuse to think up examples of something I’d read on guitar harmonies the night before. Took a little more than a month to heal.

Ty Segall, “Alta”
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