Music! What are you listening to now?

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No inspiration from trilogy narrative?!
I'm surprised... plenty of associated works there.

Besides obvious Dollars link, there's a Belgrade, too.
The song's from an other play, somewhat thematically close to Trilogy, 'cause there's no specific or fixed music for it.
Don't be lazy and Google the title, you'll get familiar with an exceptional playwright and social activist. The play can be found on YouTube, as well... Belgrade Trilogy.

... a song more.

:) :twisted: :redface:
oldcrank said:
So far this is just a Westpac Bank T.V. commercial.
Not sure if or when the song (a cover of the legendary
1965 hit by Judith Durham and the Seekers performed by
fellow Australian and belle of the Blue Mountains Julia Jacklin)
will be released as a single or as an album track but it's created a
bit of a buzz because the commercial first aired the same week as the
Phantastic Ferniture allbum was released. Julia has recently finished in the
studio recording her second solo album, but no real time-line on a release date.
It is now available!
Julia did another cover a couple of weeks back down in Tas with Vance Joy but the cold
and the feedback didn't help things much.



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